Round Handrails

Our round handrails, round bending rails, and round handrail fittings are offered in the sizes below.  Our 1-1/2 inch, 1-3/4 inch, and 2 inch full round handrails are most commonly sold to meet ADA handicap code requirements.  Our 1.78 inch round wood handrail also meets ADA codes, and is specifically manufactured to fit stainless steel fittings.  All  round stair railings can be made with a special plow to your specifications.  We do this frequently for customers in need of a round wood top rail to fit over the top of an iron or steel bar, or glass railing.  A wood cap railing adds visual warmth to cold wrought iron railing systems.  Round wood handrail and round handrail fittings also add grasp ability, hence safety.  While red oak, hard maple, and poplar are the big sellers in 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2" full round profile.  All our handrailing is available in any wood species you like, such as Brazilian cherry, American cherry, walnut, hickory, soft maple, African mahogany, sapele mahogany,  santos mahogany, white oak, ash, yellow pine, and white pine.  We will even produce handrail with material provided by the customer. 


1-1/2 inch

1-3/4 inch

1.78 inch

2 inch

2-3/8 inch

3 inch

4 inch