Stair Handrails with Plow

Wood straight handrails with a Plow have either a 1-1/4 inch or 1-3/4 inch channel cut out from the bottom of the wood handrail which allows square top wood balusters or completely square wood balusters to recess into the handrail which provides strength to the hardwood staircase. Fillet is then cut into small sections to fill the plowed area where there is no wood baluster. Custom size plows for handrails are available.  These custom size plows are typically for our customers who are using a wood handrail as a cap for a wrought iron railing system, or to sit on top of a tempered glass railing. Our round wood handrails with a 3/4 inch plow are often used as a top rail for glass railing systems.  While not all are shown below, every one of our wood handrail profiles are available with any size plow you like.